Thursday, May 21, 2015


Please don't ever say swag ever again. Thanks for your emails and it was so great to see all of you! The rash is about the same but I'm strong. Things are going good. We had Elder Bowen, from the Seventy, visit our mission and it was kick butt. He literally just chastised all of us and it was awesome. He changed my mindset of the mission and I'm on an attack mode more then ever.  One thing he said really stood out to me, "be the missionary that your mother thinks you are." Meaning if our moms saw our apartments or saw if we really were obedient or not. That had a big impact on me. Because I want to make the Lord proud but I want serve honorably to respect my family's name. I want to make you and dad proud. And maybe you wouldn't approve how I kill rats with nerf guns or flirt with old ladies in relief society to get dinner appointments, but I can't be perfect, right? I would love it if you were here with me. I have no regrets so far and I work as hard as I can everyday. I want you here to feel the Spirit in the lessons that we teach. I want you to meet the amazing people I get to meet. I relate to Nephi, that I too have been, "born of goodly parents." Thank you for everything. Thanks for not medicating me when I thought I was a dog. Thank you for your patience and confidence in me. Most importantly, thank you for teaching me and living the gospel. I love you and dad so much. Send my love to the family and keep me in your prayers. I'll see ya'll soon. The Church is true! 

Your Valiant Missionary,

Elder Strader

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