Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Power of the Priesthood

Family and Friends,
What a crazy week! The days just fly by so fast but I'm having the time of my life here.
Nothing too crazy has happened but I'm really loving it here in Bangued. Elder D and I are really working hard. Now that I feel more comfortable with the language and I'm trying to focus on my teaching. We're bold in our lessons. I feel the Spirit and we've been guided in lessons. Yesterday, me and Elder D taught the head engineer of Abra. He's every smart, studied in Europe and has a big house and is VERY wealthy. We always try to teach him and but he always says he's busy. He's so wealthy and is a potential leader, the struggling branches need someone like him. Even though we get a sense that he doesn't like us coming all the time...I fear no man. Well his name is Danny and we went to his house for the millionth time. We went to the gate and rang the door bell (first house that I've ever seen with a doorbell here in the Philippines) and D came out and the conversation went a little like this:
*Translated into English
Us: Hello brother Danny! How are you?
Danny: I'm busy. Next time.
Us: Danny I like your hair today! Did you get a hair cut? (you can see we're desperate)
Danny: I'm sorry. I'm just too busy. Come back next time.
Me: Brother Danny we're busy too. We teach a lot of people but we still make time to come here. We have a message that will change your life and bless your family and all we're asking is for 5 minutes.
Danny: 5 minutes?
Me: 5 minutes.
Danny: You have 5 minutes. Come in.
We taught Priesthood in the first lesson. We focused on the family and how his family needs Priesthood. We told him that, without the Priesthood, his family can't be together forever. We read scriptures. The Spirit was strong. Danny asked us," Can a normal dad like me hold that kind of power?" With tears in my eyes, I said "Yes Brother Danny, if you're worthy, humble and have a desire follow Jesus Christ and you can hold the Priesthood. You can bless you're own family." Brother Danny asked how could he hold the Priesthood and we told him our 5 minutes were up. I told him I was a man of my word. We ended in a kneeling prayer and Brother Danny prayed for the first time in his life. I can't explain to you what it's like to hear someone pray to their Heavenly Father for the first time. What a tender mercy that I can witness that first divine connection. Danny said we could come back and teach his family more about the Priesthood.
I just want to bear my testimony of the power in the Priesthood. I've seen and felt its power my whole life. I'm grateful that I always had a worthy Priesthood holder in my home. I'm grateful that I had a mother who always helped my dad honor his Priesthood. I know it is the power of God. I know that it was restored through Joseph Smith. I know families can be together forever because of the Priesthood. I love my Savior. I love the Filipino people. I love you all and I'll see you soon!
Your Valiant Missionary,
Elder Strader

Here are some pictures! Me and Elder D explore this cave in our area on P-day! 

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