Monday, June 20, 2016

Best Baptism of Mission


Haha yes we do celebrate Father's Day. That's awesome with the garage sale! I'm so happy for you! I hope you didn't sale any of my stuff...haha I'm kidding. 

Things are great here. I'm getting transferred tomorrow. I'm going to Tagudin and I'll be with a Polynesian! The Church is really true! Haha I've been waiting for this my whole mission! His name is Elder P and he's from New Zealand. I'm so pumped to go to another area for one month and kill it. I feel good and I'm going to end strong. We just got a baptism last week! The Macato's was baptized. I feel so blessed. So many miracles happened. I'll tell you more when I go home but they have plans to get sealed in June of next year. Best baptism of my whole mission. We found, taught and baptized a family. They're solid and I don't know how to express my joy. The church is true!

Mom what day am I going to Idaho for school? I want to get an idea so I can work. I want to see what my plans are. Taco Bell sounds amazing...speaking of Taco Bell after I tasted dog here in the Philippines I think I know where Taco Bell get it's mysterious meat. 

Mom, I don't need to go on a trip I just want to go home. Hang out with the family, play piano, work, beat up Brennan and Donovan. 

I'll give you more details next week. I love you mom. I'm working hard and I love being a missionary. I'll be home soon. 


Elder Strader

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