Monday, July 4, 2016


Thanks for your email! Yeah I'm with Elder P and he's awesome! He's from New Zealand and I'm his follow up trainer. I'm assigned here in Tagudin and it's just a small struggling branch. Even though it's only been a couple days we came here like a storm. I feel like I can do anything with the Lord and I've been so blessed with experience and ready to give everything this last transfer. We have some activities planned and we're finding less active and have a baptism planned in the next couple of weeks. I feel good. I feel focused. I feel the Spirit when I teach. I feel an urgency and I just love being a missionary.

That's awesome with my college classes. I'm super pumped. I need a job haha. I can find one when I get there. It might be hard to believe but I'm more charming now ;) Haha. We can talk about when I leave when I get home. Thanks for everything.  

How's the family? I'm excited to see them. Tell them I love them.

Mom. Tagudin is so beautiful. Just lots of rice fields and it's so pretty. I'll try to send pics from Elder P because I don't have a camera anymore. The members are few and really need help. Elder P is teaching me the haka and it's sick. I'm pretty sure I have some Poly blood in me. 

I love that story from Brother Ure. It's so true. When I reflect on my first couple of areas and I wondered how did I accomplish all things I accomplished? I couldn't speak Tagalog or teach, why did people let me in their homes? In those certain times I felt useless and alone. But then I remember all those times that I was on my knees praying before going to work. Asking for the strength and His love. I remember studying the scriptures and doing my best to be obedient because that's really all I could do. And I now I know there's where my strength came from. Heavenly Father just wanted me to show up. To have a willing heart and rely on Him. So when we knocked on doors and people answered and start saying stuff that I don't understand and for some reason I still had courage to look up and smile. People saw something in me that I didn't see myself. Over time, I got stronger and stronger in my humility. I grew and gained wisdom. And I'm now a powerful instrument in  the Lord's hands. I can't be stopped. I can't be confounded. I fear no man. Because I know where my strength lies. 

I love you mom. Please make crepes when I get home and then I might give you one hug ;) Tell the family I love them and I'm really trying to end strong. The church is true!


Elder Strader 

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